Hypnosis and The Brain

Cause and Effect: A Hypnotist View of Alcohol Dependency

By Valerie Grimes, CHt
Clinical Hypnotist

If you or someone close to you is drinks alcohol daily or binge drinks on the weekends and there is a desire to become healthier, to feel fresh in the morning, and to avoid liver disease, the obvious method for doing so would be to stop drinking so much. Change the cause and get a different effect, right?

Let’s examine the brain messaging that leads to a behavior that creates a physical manifestation of something that person consciously doesn’t want.

This is based on a man in his 60s loosing his long-time partner.

There was an event 1) he looses his partner, 2) realizes he is alone 3) memory of mother’s death triggered a feeling of abandonment, 4) creates feeling of hopelessness which drives him to drink. Here is another way to view this event. There was a Thought (I’m alone) and then an Emotion (hopelessness) and then a behavior (drinking too much alcohol). Thought + Feeling = Behavior. Thought/Feeling is the Cause and the Behavior is the Effect.

So if he could switch the emotional association (or the thought/feeling) then he could easily create a new cause, which can only result in a new effect. Why? That is how Cause and Effect works.

Here is what that means from a scientific view.

Neurons that encode whether a memory is positive or negative can be reprogrammed to switch the emotional association of the experience.

“Memories of experiences are encoded in the brain along with contextual and emotional information such as where the experience took place and whether it was positive or negative. This allows for the formation of memory associations that might assist in survival. Scientists have known for decades that neurons that “fire together, wire together.” Neuroscience News

Neurons in the hippocampus region of the brain can be artificially switched to encode memories as either positive or negative regardless of the original experience.

Creating a state of mind (theta) allows access to the memory and emotion attached to that memory. A hypnotist understands and is capable of placing their client in a theta state and then using the same Law of Dominate effect that created the older emotional trigger can replace it with one that create a new cause.

To prevent the effect of alcohol on your liver, let’s get to the true causes of your alcohol dependency, it isn’t just that your body is chemically addicted you are also emotionally addicted. Call for a complimentary consultation 972-974-2094 or send an email.

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