self esteem and hypnosis

Aging and retirement are an important transition in life but without support it can be difficult and many retirees turn to alcohol to cope.

A 2008 survey by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that 40% of men and women over 65 drank alcohol on a regular basis.

This growing segment of the population may have the tendency to use alcohol to deal with boredom or low self worth associated with retirement.  Also health worries or the death of friends or family contribute to reasons some older people start drinking, or increase the amount of alcohol per day. They may be feeling tense or depressed which can be a trigger for drinking.

However that is only creating a false sense of comfort and in addition alcohol has other adverse side effects as we age*:

  • Older patients are more sensitive to alcohol.
  • Drinking alcohol can make some health problems worse.
  • Medicines and alcohol don’t mix.

Studies show we are all living longer. So retirement age can be a time for important transitions. Dallas  Hypnosis Programs offer options to individuals who have become bored, lonely, or feeling a lack of purpose.

The programs restore creativity, confidence, mend relationships, eliminate worries, manage stress and to teach how to stop bad habits like drinking alcohol.

Dallas hypnotist Valerie Grimes explains, “What I do is assist men and women ages 60- 70 and beyond in creating healthier, more purposeful and satisfying lives, so they naturally just don’t want to drink alcohol.”



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