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Hypnosis Client Case Histories
A Look Into Why People Develop a Pattern of Drinking Too Much Alcohol


When someone is open to looking deeply into their subconscious world to find the courage to make changes, some amazing progress happens.

This was the case last week with two clients who wanted to change their daily alcohol consumption habits.

Both thought they new why they drank but didn’t have the “willpower” to stop. What you will realize in reading this is that it isn’t willpower that stops someone from drinking, it is solving the problem of why they drink.

One client referred to themselves as a ‘career drinker’ but didn’t see the subconscious message of that in its full meaning. They chose to drink when a big disappointment hit early in life and compromised their security, chaos ensued and alcohol soothed. Later in life there were many chaotic situations and at some point the chaos justified the drinking, an interesting turn in rationalization. So the path of chaos was subconscious chosen.

Another client drank nightly to avoid the elephant in the room. Trapped in a relationship that was boring, but not comfortable expressing their needs drank to forget. What is interesting is the subconscious strategy for drinking…if I don’t drink I might jeopardize the relationship as it is the “glue that holds us together” without realizing that drinking compromising the self. Gaining strength we are working on confidence to express needs, wants and desires and to also put the their needs first for a change. The motivation of good health and long life becomes more important than trying to feel comfortable in a problematic relationship.

As a hypnotiscropped-bigstock-Hands-reach-up-toward-birds-in-16044596.jpgt, looking for the cause of the problem is key to behavior change. But finding it isn’t all…it brings great relief but then we work to help the subconscious become comfortable and familiar with the new behavior of not drinking, or of only having one drink and being comfortable.

This is where hypnosis is so powerful.

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Note: We do not treat alcohol dependency, nor are we a treatment center.


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