hypnosis for alcohol sets you free

I wrote the book on alcohol dependency.  Well a book anyway.

hypnosis for alcohol dependency DallasLICKING HONEY OFF A RAZORBLADE to me described my relationship with alcohol, which was further complicated by my relationship with a man that drank beer and whiskey, a lot. Does that resonate with you?


If so, read on.

I drank on and off for all of my adult life, mostly casually, however when it came time to stop that behavior and in doing some introspection, I realized why I drank so much.  I WAS UNCOMFORTABLE WITH MY LIFE.

And this latest relationship was the most uncomfortable of all.

Hypnosis didn’t help me stop drinking, it healed the reason why I drank, which allowed me to easily choose to not drink.

If you interested in the reason why you drink, come in for a complimentary consultation.  Call today 972-974-2094.

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