Drinking Alcohol Is Like Licking Honey Off A Razorblade.

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Order Now. Valerie’s story of how hypnosis helped with alcohol dependency.

Realizing my life was not happy, marriage ended, no real desire to continue my current line of work in advertising, I was drinking everyday, usually vodka and I had a rule…if we were going out to eat, it had to be a place where they served alcohol, after all I couldn’t imagine dining out without a drink or two.

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Alcohol was a regular part of my life and at the time I didn’t realize why I was drinking or that it was even a problem.  Occasionally I would overdo it and stay out too late and that is when the shame, blame, and guilt set in and I wondered if I did have a problem. But I brushed it off and said a silent commitment to gain control. But that proved futile since attempting to gain control of it myself was without even considering the source of the feelings that were leading me to drink.

This lifestyle was normal to me, I grew up with it and all of my peers drank like I did…after all I was in the ad business.  That is until 2000, when the rug got pulled out from under me and I found myself examining my life from a new perspective.  New single mom, the business I nurtured since 1980 was closing and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

That is when I discovered hypnosis and it was in working through my feelings related to low confidence, poor self esteem, co-dependence and the stress of being in transition that I released the old feelings and began to realize I had the power, the true power to recreate my life, my way.  12 years later, I consider myself a different person that is in control of alcohol and my bright future. There are times I do drink and there are many more times when I do not.

  • I don’t drink alone.
  • I don’t drink to solve a problem or ease pain.

For me, I can choose to drink or not, hypnosis helped to be correct my thinking about who I was and how I present myself in the world.  And now I want to bring that to you.

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