drinking too much alcohol

Do you have a friend or family member that is drinking too much alcohol?

Have you wanted to talk to them but not sure how?

Being honest, open and direct is critical to getting the message across to a friend who has been drinking too much. You should try to talk about it in a way that conveys realistic feedback and concern, and avoids creating defensiveness or a debate:

“I noticed lately you’ve been drinking heavily, more than most people. Is everything okay? I’m worried about you getting hurt.” This statement shows caring and concern, and that could be the opening they need to confide in you.


“Why do you drink every night?”  This statement creates a defensiveness in the person.

After you ask the question be prepared to advise them of a next step to take.  Most people suggest AA and that is one option.  I feel making an appointment with a therapist is better.  If the person has been increasing their drinking lately that is usually an indication of alcohol use to solve a problem.  The therapist can get the problem resolved and then the alcohol use can natural be reduced.  The key is catching it early.

Hypnosis is a method for getting to the root of the problem and resolving as well.  We offer complimentary consultations Monday-Wednesday 11 am to 8 pm in our Dallas location.  Contact us or call 972-974-2094.

Please talk to those friends and family members that have bee drinking too much alcohol lately? 

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