Do you smoke too much?  Eat too much?

Smoking, eating, and shopping too much are also dependencies or addictions. We can assist you in these as well.

stop smoking hypnosisSmoking Cessation
Our holistic Smoking Cessation Program addresses all three aspects of the smoking habit:

  1. Addictive
  2. Habitual
  3. Psychological

All three must be addressed for lasting change to occur. Call for a complimentary consultation to learn how hypnosis can assist you in becoming a non-smoker, call NOW 972-974-2094.

hypnosis for weight lossWeight Loss/Weight Management
Too often our emotions rule our eating. We eat to feel better about ourselves or to relieve the pain or troubles in our lives. But rather than providing relief, excessive eating only creates a new issue, weight gain and the shame that goes with it.

Call NOW for your complimentary consultation to find more about our hypnosis weight loss program call 972-974-2094.

self esteem and hypnosisSelf-Esteem/Personal Growth

In some cases, our feelings about events and people from our past may cause us to put up walls.  These walls lock in doubts and fears and prevent us from opening our lives to new, positive events.  We are not free to be the person we were meant to be. Hypnosis works to reconnect to our true selves and reactivate our full potential.

Call today for your complimentary consultation to find out how hypnosis works to build self esteem, call NOW 972-974-2094.





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