Ready To Stop Drinking Alcohol? Tried Everything Else? Now It’s Time for Hypnosis.

other ways to stop drinking besides aaTired of Being Dependent?
Ready to Gain Control Over Alcohol?
How?  Hypnosis is How.

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When it comes alcohol cessation programs, there are many choices from outpatient to inpatient with varying approaches to alcohol abuse. This alcoholism dependency program is different in that we strongly believe when you get to the source of the program (the reason you drink) you can solve the problem and make a new choice.

This alcohol dependency program is not for individuals with severe drinking issues. We work with mild to moderate alcohol users who are concerned about the implications of continuing to do so.

hypnosis for alcoholism dallasWe don’t label a person as alcoholic.
We don’t believe a person has to relapse several times.
We believe a person is ultimately powerful and in control.

And by using hypnosis to stop drinking a person can get to the source of the problem. The next step involves dissolving the triggers and associations and dealing with stress or the emotional state in a new way which in turn helps a person recognize and take responsibility for choices, and ultimately to assume responsibility for every aspect of their life.

This is a non-12 step program. Educate yourself on possible withdraw symptoms. Before you call us.

Our program for  alcohol addiction support consists of several modalities: the primary one is hypnosis.

Tell me more about how to stop drinking.


  • Uncover and release causes of negative emotions which lead to dependency of a substance
  • Change beliefs about labeling (alcoholic/addict) and about relapse, to release triggers, to create freedom of choice, to create a sense of powerfulness not powerlessness
  • Establish new ways to deal with feelings (cope with current and new situations)
  • Improve self worth and self esteem
  • Gain freedom from guilt/shame
  • Create a new personal philosophy
  • Reinforce positive outcomes as person who chooses not to drink

In an American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis study of drug and alcohol-addicted patients, the success rate (drug or alcohol-free for one year) was 77% for an intense treatment using hypnosis.  Source:


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