hypnosis for quitting alcohol

Did you start off the year with a commitment to quit drinking alcohol?

Let’s check in.  We are 32 days into the new year.  They say it takes 30 days to build a new habit.  I believe that is true is you are wanting to start a regular routine of walking or some other form of exercise.

Stopping drinking alcohol is a whole different game.  There are very strong and determined people out there that an just decide to give it up and stick to it–almost as a way to prove themselves right.  But there is an even larger percentage of people that find it very difficult to stop despite their good intentions.

The main reason it is harder for others is one’s response to past triggers to drink.  For me, going camping was a trigger to drink.  For others going to a social event triggers a strong urge to drink because we need “social lubricant.”    The obvious way around this is to avoid places where you will be tempted.  And in addition begin to build new responses to those triggers.  That is when having a hypnotist help you to quit drinking alcohol is more effective than trying to quit on your own.

A hypnotist can help make quitting drinking alcohol easier by creating a new feeling of self empowerment, freedom and control that gets trigger every time you drink water for example.

If you are struggling with quitting drinking alcohol and want to make quit drinking alcohol easier, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Does Hypnosis work for alcohol dependence?  Yes.  I have been there and understand what you are going through.


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