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Study shows how the sober brain might protect against further relapse by limiting receptor activity linked to cravings.

Alcoholism is a devastating disorder that too often leads to a perpetual cycle of abuse. An emerging molecular imaging technique may provide a way to break that cycle. It could signal patients’ heightened risk and lead to targeted drug treatments that reduce the compulsion to drink, say researchers presenting at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI).




According to Passages Addiction Center in Malibu, California a person with dependency issues can recover fully and hypnotherapy plays a role in the client’s recovery.  How?

Because they believe a person does not have an incurable disease; but is merely dependent on a substance to relieve pain, fear, anxiety, etc. and that substance has created a chemical imbalance in their mind and body.

The program gets to the underlying causes of the dependency and also employs other alternative medicine and practices to rebalance the chemical states in the mind, body and spirit.

The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure, a book by Passages founder Chris Prentiss explains the four causes of dependency:

• Chemical imbalance
• Unresolved issues from the past
• Beliefs inconsistent with the truth
• Inability to cope with current conditions

At Passages, they use hypnotherapy as well as other holistic modalities to assist people in recovery from their dependency from a chemical substance.

The core of that is this:  Believe a cure is possible

After that truth is established, the hypnotist can assist the client to discover and heal causes of the dependency.

Dallas Hypnosis Programs in addition to finding the underlying causes helps to reinforce the positive lifestyle as a sober person, remove any guilt or shame, build a new self confidence, and assist the client in adopting new personal philosophy on how life works and their part in that new life.

If you feel you are over using any substance, I suggest you order a free copy of the book from Passages, just do a search online to find it.

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