October 30, 2014


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The Summer of Love 50 Years Later.

By William L. White, Drug Treatment Blogger Fifty years ago, young people from all over American descended on San Francisco in what was billed as “The Summer of Love.” Historians have often portrayed this event as the detonation point of a youth-oriented, polydrug culture whose legacies continue [Read More...]

New drug to treat pain and addiction

Texas A&M researchers aim to develop one drug that treats pain, memory and nicotine addiction Although pain, memory and nicotine addiction may not seem to be related, they actually share a common player: the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. That's why Texas A&M researchers are working to [Read More...]

Narcotics Anonymous A Valid Option for Opioid Addiction

This article by William White educates on the benefits of (NA) Narcotics Anonymous which is often left out of the recommendations for how "our country" can help stop increasing numbers of people experiencing opioid addiction and opioid overdose deaths.   There are many misconceptions [Read More...]

Happy, Sober People

These results are not guaranteed, this is one person's story.  DF is a 30 year old single mom living in Ft Worth TX. I experienced a major shift in my mindset from mostly negative to mostly positive.  It was like a light switch was turned on and I know that it was because of your work and CD's. [Read More...]

How Brain Responds To Alcoholism

Study shows how the sober brain might protect against further relapse by limiting receptor activity linked to cravings. Alcoholism is a devastating disorder that too often leads to a perpetual cycle of abuse. An emerging molecular imaging technique may provide a way to break that cycle. It could si[Read More...]

Dependent on Wine?

Dependent on Wine? A justification or valid reason. By Valerie Grimes, CHt Clinical Hypnotist Women drink wine for a lot of reasons other than it is the social thing to do with the girls. For instance, it goes so well with chocolate, it’s the norm during dinner, it’s how they relax or create a [Read More...]

Hypnosis and Alcohol Dependency: Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect: A Hypnotist View of Alcohol Dependency By Valerie Grimes, CHt Clinical Hypnotist If you or someone close to you is drinks alcohol daily or binge drinks on the weekends and there is a desire to become healthier, to feel fresh in the morning, and to avoid liver disease, the obvi[Read More...]

Why People Drink Too Much.

Hypnosis Client Case Histories A Look Into Why People Develop a Pattern of Drinking Too Much Alcohol   When someone is open to looking deeply into their subconscious world to find the courage to make changes, some amazing progress happens. This was the case last week with two clients [Read More...]

Alternative To Alcohol

Retirees often drink more but there is an alternative to alcohol to consider. Hypnosis helps you find it. By 2020, according to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, the number of people needing alcohol recovery services will double among persons aged 50 or older.  Between 2000 a[Read More...]

Talking About Drinking Too Much

Do you have a friend or family member that is drinking too much alcohol? Have you wanted to talk to them but not sure how? Being honest, open and direct is critical to getting the message across to a friend who has been drinking too much. You should try to talk about it in a way that conveys reali[Read More...]

How Is Your Sober Year?

Did you start off the year with a commitment to quit drinking alcohol? Let's check in.  We are 32 days into the new year.  They say it takes 30 days to build a new habit.  I believe that is true is you are wanting to start a regular routine of walking or some other form of exercise. Stopping dri[Read More...]

The Book on Alcohol Dependency.

I wrote the book on alcohol dependency.  Well a book anyway. LICKING HONEY OFF A RAZORBLADE to me described my relationship with alcohol, which was further complicated by my relationship with a man that drank beer and whiskey, a lot. Does that resonate with you? ORDER FROM AMAZON. If so, read[Read More...]

Is 2016 Your Sober Year?

Hypnosis Can Help with Being Sober in 2016 When people ask me how hypnosis can help them be sober, I respond with, "Drinking alcohol is a behavior and there is always a thought or feeling that drives the behavior.  Hypnosis allows the person to get in on that thought or feeling and to change it so[Read More...]

Struggling With Addiction To Alcohol?

All Addiction is a Struggle. A struggle within chemically and emotionally and a struggle without deciding which approach is best to stop your cravings for alcohol. This edition of Radio Lab takes a look at an alternative not much talked about. You'll be surprised why. One approach not ad[Read More...]

Use Hypnosis To Break Up With The Bottle.

Hypnosis May Help You End Your Bad Relationship with Alcohol. Even though it is bad for us, we come back to the comfort of a daily ritual.  Hypnosis can help to break the ritual by sorting out the "WHY" of that ritual. Even though the daily drinking is a habit and there is now a strong physical [Read More...]
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