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Retirees often drink more but there is an alternative to alcohol to consider. Hypnosis helps you find it.

alternative to alcohol

Alternative to alcohol are easy with hypnosis.
Create healthy habits.

By 2020, according to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, the number of people needing alcohol recovery services will double among persons aged 50 or older.  Between 2000 and 2008, substance abuse treatment admissions among those aged 50 years or older increased by 70 percent.

Many boomers grew up in an era when drugs were considered a harmless vice or a rite of passage. They may have fewer qualms about turning on again, although their drugs of choice this time around are likely to be prescription painkillers, sleep aids or anti-anxiety.

Alcohol and Aging: Not a Great Mixer

Retirees may have the tendency to use alcohol to deal with boredom or low self worth. Also health worries or the death of friends or family contribute to reasons some older people start drinking, or increase the amount of alcohol per day. They may be feeling tense or depressed which can be a trigger for drinking.

An Alternative to Alcohol Recovery in Dallas.

The Flow Center helps men and women in their 50s 60s and 70s to live longer, healthier, and satisfying lives with hypnosis. Contact us for complementary consultation to learn how hypnosis helps with alcohol dependence.  972-974-2094


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