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You are at the alcohol addiction recovery dallascrossroads and you have a choice.
If you go down the same path which leads to drinking alcohol, you know what happens and how that feels because you have made that choice many times before.

If you choose another path it leads to freedom, power and control. And you haven’t made this choice in the past. Perhaps you don’t remember how that feels to be in control.

We understand that it is difficult to go down a new path, especially when the current path is a habitual behavior and pattern developed out of an emotional need.

This program gets to the underlying causes of the alcohol dependency so you can create balance your physical, mental and emotional states and release the dependency.
alcohol addiction recovery dallasAre you an alcoholic?

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is characterized by:

  • A prolonged period of frequent, heavy alcohol use.
  • The inability to control drinking once it has begun.
  • Physical dependence manifested by withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops using alcohol.
  • Tolerance, or the need to use more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.
  • Variety of social and/or legal problems arising from alcohol use.

If you consider yourself an alcoholic, you may need seek an inpatient treatment center in addition to working with us to teach stress management and to offer support to prevent relapse recovery.

Are you a habitual drinker?

  • Drink because it’s a party?
  • Drink because it’s a holiday?
  • Drink because it’s a sporting event?
  • Drink because it’s Friday happy hour?

Habitual drinking can be eliminated or scaled back so that you can choose whether to have an alcoholic beverage at a party or be completely satisfied with iced tea or water, not feeling deprived at all. This program empowers you to chose to drink or not.


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(source of definition: The Free Dictionary online)

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